Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"Pete's Picks" -- "Must Hear" Music of the Week

Here's installment 3 of "Pete's Picks" -- "must hear" new music via the ears of the Csathy music discovery engine:

(1) Band -- Tame Impala.  Song -- "Elephant " -- (if the Beatles were making music today, this is what it would sound like)

(2) Band -- The Mowgli's.  Song -- "San Francisco" -- (who's the lead singer?  The entire band, that's who!)

(3) Band -- Cold War Kids.  Song -- "Miracle Mile" -- (while we all await Arcade Fire's next album -- due out later this year -- this is the next best thing).

(4) Band -- Caveman.  Album -- "Caveman" -- (if you like textural rock, this band is for you -- listen to the entire new album -- you'll be glad you did).

Am off to Coachella on Friday -- with the exception of the headliners (that I still don't "get"), it is yet another amazing line-up of bands.  And, after last year's 107 degree average all weekend (I went to weekend #2 last year), this coming weekend is only expected to be 95-100 degrees.  Downright chilly!