Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Coachella, Next Bottle Rock in Napa

I am an ardent music fan, as regular readers of my blog know.  And, I love the live festival experience -- and attend major music festivals frequently.  Here is my review of the inaugural SS Coachella, on which I sailed in December with my wife Luisa.

Just recently, I purchased my tickets for my 4th near-consecutive Coachella in April.  And, just last week, I learned about a major music festival called "Bottle Rock" in Napa on May 9-12th.  The line-up is incredible for this 4-day festival (here it is).  As soon as some friends invited me, they had me at "hello"-- and, my wife and I will be there.

Likely a new annual tradition, together with Coachella, SS Coachella, Outside Lands and myriad "regular" music concerts on a monthly basis (like the MUSE show in January in San Diego -- which opened with this song).