Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The End of An Era -- A Tribute

Indulge me on this one.

I just learned the news that my aunt, Eva, passed away last night in Hungary (my mother and father are both Hungarian and emigrated during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution).

A wonderful woman, whom I did not know overly well because of the great distance.  But, I remember wonderful times with her as a child as my family and I traveled to reconnect with the family that we did not have here in the States.

Apart from the loss of a wonderful woman, this is a significant loss for me and the entire expanded family because it marks an end of an era.  You see, Eva was the last of seven siblings -- one of whom was my wonderful and wonderfully talented father, Denes, about whom I wrote a tribute last year.  In other words, Eva was the last direct connection to my father and his side of the family.

My wife, Luisa, and I traveled two years ago with our two kids, Hunter (then 11 years old) and Luca (then 8 years old) back to Hungary.  It was a "Roots"-type trip -- incredibly meaningful, incredibly impactful.  In that trip, my two kids spent precious time with Eva, experiencing the most direct link that was possible since my father passed away long before they were born.  This is a picture of the three of them at our family reunion on that trip.  The three of them could not speak the same language for the most part (my aunt knew only broken English, and my kids know no Hungarian), but they "spoke" the same language of family ... a language that need not be spoken.  It is experienced.

I am thankful that we took the time.  

Time is short.  Take the time.

Rest in peace, Eva.  Your memory ... and our wonderful memories together ... live on.

k(NOT)ted Vine -- Because Life Doesn't Happen In 6 Seconds ...

The digerati have essentially crowned Twitter's new "Instagram for Video" app, Vine, the King of all that is mobile video.

But, although I too have coo'd over Vine, let's not forget that it is first and foremost a public sharing app.  Its mandatory 6-second video rule -- while emancipating in some ways -- also is significantly restrictive in others ...

... particularly in the private mobile video sharing context -- a topic about which I have frequently written (including these two guest posts in TechCrunch): (1) Instagram for Video -- Massive Opportunity Yes!  Done Right No!; and Instagram for Video -- Music, Meaning and Moments Succeed Where Others Fail.

Vine IS the most compelling PUBLIC video sharing app right now -- which already is a huge claim to fame (and no small feat).

But, don't forget my earlier thoughts (laid out in detail in both of my TechCrunch pieces) about perhaps the biggest mobile video opportunity -- and, that is, PRIVATE secure sharing of life's special moments with family and friends.  In this context -- this incredibly important context from an overall monetization opportunity on a massive scale -- Vine does not cut it.  It just don't work.

Why?  Precisely because life does not happen in 6 seconds!  Recording your baby's first steps?  Then you better not use Vine because she or he may finally stop wobbling and take that first step on second 7 or 8!  And, poof!  That moment would be lost forever!

That's where mobile sharing without limits is absolutely critical.

So, while Vine is a compelling (perhaps most compelling) public sharing app, that' all that it is (which is enough for Twitter/Vine by the way ... they do have a built-in audience!).

For slices of life -- real life moments in time -- the market and massive opportunity is still up for grabs.

Don't Givit away.  Go grab it!