Monday, January 28, 2013

Vine -- Advertisers Grabbing On -- A Good Sign for Twitter

Twitter's new VINE "Instagram for Video" app is all the buzz in the tech and digital media worlds since its launch last week.  I already wrote two posts on the subject and commented several times on TechCrunch.

Now, a new "must read" TechCrunch article writes about Vine's immediate appeal and interest by major consumer brands like Trident (gum), Dove (beauty products) and Ritz (crackers).

But, how can those consumer brands -- or anyone for that matter -- tell a compelling story in Vine's mandatory 6-second window?

You be the judge -- all of those initial Vines can be seen in the TechCrunch post.  At a minimum, those 6 seconds force economy in creativity.  And, perhaps those little bits are most effectively digested in this increasingly ADD world of ours.

At a minimum, this kind of immediate attention by Madison Avenue is demonstrative proof that Vine already has risen above the fray of the scores of others seeking "Instagram for video" fame and fortune.  Vine ain't no copycat.  It is a fresh approach, effectively executed.  And, it certainly doesn't hurt to have the good folks at Twitter behind it -- enabling immediate integrated posting into your Twitter stream ....