Monday, January 07, 2013

My Manifesto -- Sorenson Media 2013

As some of you know, I blog not only here, but also for the official blog of my company, Sorenson Media, where I am President & CEO.  I also write fairly regularly for TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and others.  I do this because I enjoy it.  I also hope, of course, that I both educate and entertain (at least occasionally).

In my alter ego capacity -- i.e., official blogger for Sorenson Media -- this is the post I published today.  I am "re-printing" it here to emphasize its importance -- and to underscore my over-arching commitment to our customers and to those who regularly follow that blog.  This is my "MANIFESTO for 2013" as President, CEO, and official blogger/communicator for Sorenson Media:

To the Sorenson Media faithful, a very happy new year!  This is Peter Csathy, President & CEO of Sorenson Media.  The Sorenson Media team and I are very thankful for your continued trust and faith in our products in 2012.  We hope to do even more in 2013 to earn and further that trust.  That means better products.  Better performance.  Better customer service.  Better listening to what you need.  Better listening to what our products should do.  Better "connection" to you, our customers.  In other words, we need to be ... well ... just plain "better."

Here is my MANIFESTO as we start the new year (which, in the business world, really means today, Monday, January 7th -- the first full back from the long holiday season).  I call it my "MANIFESTO" because this is my personal commitment to all of you for 2013.

First, I write each and every blog post here (I started doing this last month).  I also write my own personal digital media/technology blog ("Digital Media Update") and frequently guest blog for TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and others.  The point is that I write (a lot) and have for years.  I enjoy it.  And, I commit here to you that I will take real time and make great effort in 2013 to use this official Sorenson Media blog to do more than promote our company and our products.  I commit to you that I will do my best to bring other stories of interest to you, our video professional customers (and others who read this blog).  That means relevant trends in the video marketplace -- relevant stories (including your stories about your businesses and your workflows) -- relevant players -- relevant products -- and, yes, even relevant competitors and their products on occasion.  My goal is to make these "pages" come alive and become a real resource for you -- so that you come back for more because this blog is both entertaining and enlightening.  

I also want for this blog to become a real "conversation" amongst you (our customers and others who come to these pages), our company, and me.  I encourage you to use the "comments" section to agree, disagree, or offer perspective or thoughts of your own on any of the topics of the day.  Feel free to be controversial.  Feel free to speak your mind about my stories, my perspective, our products, or anything at all.  So long as our conversation is respectful, it is all fair game.  You can also always communicate to me privately and directly by writing to my Sorenson Media email address -- which is  I assure you that I will personally read -- and respond to -- each and every email.

Will I use this official Sorenson Media blog to promote Sorenson Media, our team, and our products?  Of course I will!  I am CEO after all, and I am passionate about this team, our brand, and our mission -- which is to delight you and exceed your expectations.  I also believe that you may benefit from Sorenson Media-specific announcements and stories on occasion (including team member profiles -- so that you get a sense of who we are).  Will I also use this official blog -- and will we use monthly newsletters -- to promote special offers for our products on occasion?  Yes again!  After all, we are a business and we need to drive our business forward successfully via sales of our products (and readers here and of our newsletters will also benefit from significant product offers that aren't available elsewhere).  But, our products will not sell if they are not worthy of being sold.  In fact, you shouldn't buy them if they don't do what you need them to do -- or what you expect of them.  We wouldn't want you to.

Let me be clear, this Sorenson Media team is a passionate one.  I know every single team member here -- and each one of them (every single one) -- is committed to "doing it right."  We hope to delight each and every one of you.  We don't always succeed, however, but I assure you it's not for lack of commitment or trying when we do miss the mark.  And, if we do, we will do the right thing.  That's my commitment to you -- which is consistent with our long-time culture here.

So, back to the beginning.  I hope you read this official Sorenson Media blog -- not only today, but also on a regular basis.  I will make every effort to make it worth your time.  To be a real resource for you.  Something that can help you in your everyday business and creativity.  I hope for this blog to augment our other available resources and direct lines of communication, which I urge you to check out regularly.  These include (1) our forums (the pool of content -- real world answers -- that deepens each day), (2) free educational webinars focused on real workflows and real world issues (frequently co-hosted by long-time partners like Avid), (3) our newsletters (which, yes, regularly focus on special offers, but which we intend to increasingly use for other useful non-sales information -- such as new or hidden Squeeze features and other product announcements -- so that they too become a real resource for you), (4) our website (which is updated regularly for similar reasons), and (5) our technical support team that has deep knowledge of our products and a deep commitment to our customers.

So, let me know how I am doing with the commitments behind this Manifesto.  Let us here at Sorenson Media know how we are doing as a company.  Give us feedback.  Suggest new features.  Tell us what we are doing right.  Tell us what we can do better.

Thanks again for your trust in our products.  Thanks for using what we develop.  Thanks for listening to what we have to say.  We know you have other choices.

And, let's all have a great year in 2013.


(Post-Script -- my personal "Digital Media Update" blog covers a much broader array of topics that may or may not be of interest to you or appropriate in my official Sorenson Media "voice", including musings about my favorite music and myriad other topics; I urge you to check that out as well, but for other reasons of more general interest and engagement.)

Peter Csathy
President & CEO