Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Greatest “Hits” of 2013 - My Most Widely Read Blog Posts of the Year

As I sit here in Urgent Care awaiting an X-Ray on my right middle finger, which may be broken because I was showing off my Minnesota ice-skating chops (or lack thereof) to my kids and fell instead,  I compiled this list of my greatest “hits” from my Digital Media Update blog posts in 2013 (based on how widely they were read).  Here is my top 6 (with the most widely-read listed first).  Why 6 instead of 5?  Because I like the 6th post, which is about Tesla -- one of the huge tech stories of the year:

(1) “Vine -- Advertisers Grabbing On -- A Good Sign for Twitter” -- this January 2013 post was by far my most widely read post and, I must say, was dead on (I predicted a “hit” for Twitter); the rest has been history for Vine; I see my kids -- and all of their friends -- using it all the time; it is now part of the pop culture;

(2) “5 Questions with Gyft’s COO CJ MacDonald -- My Exclusive Q&A" -- this post, from November, is the most widely read in my continuing “5 Questions with ...” series -- a testament to Gyft’s remarkable first year success;

(3) “25% of Netflix House of Cards Viewers Binged -- Watched All 13 Episodes” -- this February post heralded a new way of thinking about “television” distribution -- and gave consumers new choice and power -- and is changing the industry;

(4) “Digital Media Hired as New CEO of Warner Bros. (In the Guise of Kevin Tsujihara)" -- this January post heralded a new era of major studio leadership -- underscoring the pre-eminence of digital media in the thinking, and future, of content;

(5) “Rome -- A Full Experience in 2 Days” -- this October post was something very different; this one was personal, and it obviously struck a chord; our travels apparently helped others plan their own travels, which is quite cool; and

(6) “Tesla -- The Experience -- A Review” -- this post from June was both business and personal, and also clearly struck a chord and heralded the massive success Tesla experienced in its breakout year; business, because Tesla absolutely is a huge tech story (transforming the auto industry from Silicon Valley); personal, because I acquired a Model S in June and was on the front lines of the Tesla customer experience first-hand; my observations seem to have helped others and were shared broadly.


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