Sunday, August 18, 2013

San Diego IndieFest 8 -- Another Weekend, Yet Another Music Festival

Last weekend, I attended San Francisco's Outside Lands festival for the second time.  Yesterday, it was the San Diego IndieFest 8 festival.  Relatively small comparatively, but ambitious nonetheless -- 3 stages, plus a heavy arts and film festival component.  Clearly a labor of love by the organizers.  Done right.  Despite its relatively thin attendance (although I left before yesterday's headliner, Cake, took the stage), it is a worthy and worthwhile event that all music lovers in San Diego should support (I wasn't even aware of it until last weekend).  While there, we saw the band "Best Coast" play a competent -- yet clearly uninspired -- set (unfortunately).  Attention lead singers -- engage the crowd!  Put on a show.  Bethany Consentino had no desire (almost as if she felt this festival was beneath her, which it absolutely is not).  But, our highlight was watching the Oscar-winning documentary short film "Inocente" about the then-15 year old homeless artist of the same name -- followed by a Q&A with her.  Inspiring.


Jee H. Lee said...

San Diego? Music Festival? Looks very small scale next to Coachella and OL, but definitely a game changer. I'd be interested in checking it out next year.

San Diego IndieFest said...

Thanks for the kind words! It was def. our smallest turnout in a few years, but we'll still keep plugging away. It's all about the mission - community, art, activism. Peace!

Tomy Gil said...

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