Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alt-j Channels Pink Floyd in Hollywood

Live music.  Nothing like it if done right.

Alt-j does it right.  The band is the real deal.

Last night, thanks to tix scored from my former team at Sorenson Media (thanks!), I saw one of my favorite new bands, Alt-j, perform live for the first time.  At the Hollywood Palladium (a great live venue by the way).

Great band.  Great show.  Great energy.  Showcasing the power of music.

Alt-j was THE band I wanted to see at Coachella this past Spring.  But I missed them (long story ...).

In any event, the band delivers live -- just like it does on their amazing debut album "An Awesome Wave" (stream it now ... trust me if you haven't) (this video shows the band playing "Something Good," one of my favorite songs from the album).  And, check this out.  Here's an atmospheric band that should be on a larger ... much larger ... stage.  A stadium actually.  I can imagine Alt-j essentially "doing a Pink Floyd" and filling a stadium with amazing sounds and lights -- a multi-media feast is what this music deserves.  Immersive.

But, no matter the venue, the music and craft behind it are unique.  There is nothing like Alt-j out there. Yet, they are not so "out there" that they are not accessible.  In fact, they are accessible ... very ... as the young Hollywood hipsters would attest.

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