Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vator's Splash LA Event -- VCs & Entrepreneurs Unite!

This Thursday night, May 30 -- at the storied Hollywood Roosevelt hotel -- I will attend my first "Splash" event hosted by Vator (which bills itself as the "Voice of the Entrepreneur").  In fact, it is my first LA-based event since I announced my new role as CEO of Manatt Digital Media Ventures (where I help drive digital media investments, among other things).  Many such VC & entrepreneurial-focused networking events exist.  I attend these very selectively.  But, this one rises above the din for a number of reasons.

First, after being based in San Diego for a number of years, I am now based in LA and am immersing myself in the local entrepreneurial scene -- which is vibrant.  Very.  And increasingly.  Particularly on the digital media side of things (hence, my new role and new Manatt Digital Media).

Second, the agenda is full and compelling -- yes, you have your basic networking.  But, this one looks like the networking actually could be meaningful because Splash has a history of drawing the right mix of creative newbies and "movers and shakers."  Second, there is a full and varied slate of keynotes and panels -- not just one theme.  Third, there should be plenty of food and drink!  And finally, the venue is a good one.

In fact, here is an interesting bit of trivia.  The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel is especially near and dear to me because my grandmother-in-law, Luise Rainer (still kicking at age 103!), is the legendary Hollywood actress who picked up two back-to-back "Best Actress" Academy Awards at the hotel (which served as the venue for the Oscars at that time).

I will take several meetings -- and meet with several promising start-ups -- at the event.  I also will take notes for a post-event review.  Click this link to reach out and set something up.

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