Monday, April 15, 2013

Coachella Day 3 -- REVIEW

It's a wrap folks on weekend 1 of Coachella 2013.

Yesterday -- day 3 -- we took a break pool-side at the new Wynn Encore party at the Renaissance Hotel.  I'd pass on that for next year.

Once we did hit the polo grounds, for the first time, I intentionally stayed away from the Sahara tent to watch bands only -- including The Lumineers (they played as you would expect them to play, in front of a massive crowd on the Main stage); Social Distortion (quintessential SoCal band that played to rockers -- many who continue to rock well into their middle age -- thrashing set, but didn't play "Ball and Chain" -- really?); Tame Impala (excellent set on the Outdoor stage -- these Beatles-esque psychedelic guys are the real deal); and finally Vampire Weekend on the Main stage (one of my favorite bands -- a key reason why I stayed virtually until the very end of weekend 1 -- keeping the crowds dancing).  By the end of Vampire Weekend, I was toast -- no Chili Peppers for me.  And the swarms of LA model types made even the VIP section unbearable after my Coachella 2013 endurance test.

And, the verdict?  Weather -- outstanding (although by late afternoon yesterday -- day 3 -- windstorms hit hard and dust filled our eyes).  Venue -- amazing, including the tremendous artwork all over and the new massive Sahara stage (which stole the show, as I mentioned yesterday).  Line-up -- DJs won this round hands-down for me -- difficult for bands to compete against Sahara.  Nonetheless, with the exception of the disappointing headliners, the depth of the overall line-up once again was impressive.

As I sit here bleary-eyed from dust Monday morning, I feel the same way I did at the end of last year -- saying to myself that Coachella 2013 may be my last.

But, then, Coachella 2014 tix will go on sale, and, once again, they will pull me back in.

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