Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coachella Day 1 -- A REVIEW

Day 1 of Coachella 2013 is in the books -- ah, the best laid plans.  I had mapped out my full day of bands in advance -- only to have those plans completely disrupted by the serendipity that is Coachella.  And, which is part of the whole point anyhow.

I spent much more time in the new massively larger Sahara (dance) tent.  I was on-stage at Metric's set (that is the hilarious picture at the left which my wife caught back home while streaming the event live 100 miles away -- that is my head, with the sunglasses, to the left and behind lead singer Emily Haines before she took the stage!).  And, somehow, I completely missed (inadvertently) Alt-j's set, the band I most wanted to see.

The crowds seemed bigger -- the lines were longer -- but, on day 1, Coachella did not disappoint (although the evening's headliner, The Stone Roses, played to the smallest main stage crowd I have ever seen ... which did not surprise me in the least).

Here is what I DID see on day 1 -- Youth Lagoon (about what I expected to see), Thomas Gold (great),  Metric (one of my favorite bands and I was on stage, so you can imagine how great that was), Of Monsters and Men (I saw only a snippet, and that was plenty -- I mean, how much Icelandic rock can one really take?), Local Natives (one song was enough -- too mellow), Beach House (love the band, but there is no point seeing them live -- just stream their music home and turn out the lights -- that's what their set was like -- snooze-fest), Wolfgang Gartner (great dance set in Sahara), and Foals (another excellent set).

What's in store for day 2?  This is a much weaker line-up then yesterday -- and it too likely will be disrupted by spur of the moment events -- but here is my plan:

-- Bat for Lashes
-- Dropkick Murphys
-- Major Lazer
-- Yeasayer
-- Grizzly Bear
-- New Order

NONE of these are "must see" bands -- so who knows where the day will take me.  But, I do know this -- the day will take me back to Indio's famous polo grounds -- and the crowds trampling them in the 95 degree heat.  After all, that is what Coachella is all about!

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