Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Feature -- "Pete's Picks" -- MUST CHECK Out New Bands/Music

My long-time readers know that I am a passionate music fan.  I listen to music 24/7 (just about).  And, I frequently write about some of my favorite bands.  Music reviews.  Concert reviews.  I also frequently Tweet some of my favorite new music.

Now, I plan to formalize it a bit.  Every now and then -- no schedule, just simply when warranted -- I will throw out my favorite new bands and music via this new "Pete's Picks" feature.

Here are my first three MUST CHECK OUT picks:

(1) Band -- Kodaline.  Song -- "All I Want".  STUNNINGLY beautiful with a vintage U2 vibe.

(2) Band -- Icky Blossoms.  Song -- "Babes".  Couldn't be more different than Kodaline and "All I Want."  Cheeky.

(3) Band -- New Politics.  Song -- "Harlem" (not to be confused with the very different "Harlem Shuffle", which most definitely is not a "Pete's Pick."

(4) Band -- Widowspeak.  Song -- "Dyed in the Wool".  Haunting band, with a David Lynch-ian "Twin Peaks" vibe (and a heavy dose of Stevie Nicks).  I've liked this band for a long time.  And, they just dropped their new album "Almanac" (in fact, speaking of Stevie Nicks, check out the album cover for "Almanac" -- VERY Fleetwood Mac-ian).

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