Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looks Like Yahoo! Took My Advice to Heart -- Focus On Video!

Almost exactly one month ago, I wrote a post about Yahoo! titled, "What's Yahoo! To Do?  Here's What -- Disrupt Video!"  And, my argument -- piggy-backing on an extremely insightful blog post by LA-based business accelerated MuckerLab -- was that a focus on video could unlock tremendous value for Marissa Mayer and her team.

Well, it seems like Marissa and her team have taken that advice to heart (I won't give myself all the credit after all).  Just yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo! was in advanced talks to take a controlling interest in YouTube-esque online video company Dailymotion (which apparently is valued at about $300 million).

This would be Mayer's first major acquisition since coming on board to steer the Yahoo! ship away from the ice-berg.

And, without comment on the price itself -- or the specific target -- I certainly like the general direction this type of bold move would signify.

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