Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evergram -- A "MUST SEE" Future Messaging Platform

It's the holidays -- maybe that's why I'm nostalgic.  Yesterday, I wrote about a great new "must check out" online photo archiving service called "ThisLife."  Today, it's all about "Evergram"-- which first and foremost is a "future messaging" platform -- a service that enables users to create messages easily now for future delivery later.  Think about the nostalgic possibilities there.  Weddings.  Birthdays.  Here is Evergram -- in Evergram's own words ... actually, video ...

I recently sat down with Evergram's founder, CEO and serial entrepreneur Duncan Seay to learn more.  Duncan, a great guy by the way (the kind of passionate person you want behind any venture), told me that he was inspired to build Evergram as a result of a brush with his own mortality.  You see, Duncan was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 -- at a time when his son was just 11 -- and Duncan thought about the need to create memories that last for family member (and the lack of easy-to-use and reliable services to create and make those lasting memories readily available).

So, while Evergram today is, in Duncan's words, "a group video messaging platform with collaborative social giving," Evergram ultimately is focused on being THE "future messaging company" -- focusing its service on much more distant-future message delivery.  As one example, I could record a message today for my now 13 year-old daughter that will be automatically delivered to her only years from now on the date of her wedding (by tapping into relevant databases).  Or, if I had serious health issues, I could record all kinds of messages now for future delivery on events I may or may not see well off in the distance (again, by tapping into relevant databases).

Duncan believes this "future messaging" market ultimately will easily run into the billions of dollars.

Is he a starry-eyed dreamer?  Perhaps, but isn't that what any entrepreneur worth their salt should be?  Isn't that what the good folks behind ThisLife are?

Building that dream -- achieving "success" -- are massive challenges.  But, having a foundation of passion is a great way to start.  Without it, you are dead in the water.

Duncan has it.  Evergram has it.  ThisLife has it.

That alone makes them worth checking out.  Hey, TechCrunch just recently did (that's how I discovered Evergram).  And, they too were smitten.