Monday, November 05, 2012

iStreamPlanet Chooses New Squeeze Server 2.0 Enterprise Transcoding

Last week, my company, Sorenson Media, announced new Squeeze Server 2.0 -- an entirely re-imagined enterprise video transcoding solution.

Today, more big news -- iStreamPlanet (a leading provider of live and on-demand streaming video solutions for prominent enterprise clients in the global technology, sports and entertainment markets) has selected new Squeeze Server 2.0 as its video on demand transcoding solution for its cloud-based services.  iStreamPlanet will use Squeeze Server 2.0 as its platform to encode and transcode video on demand files and to optimize delivery to every leading format and device in the increasingly multi-screen online video marketplace.

iStreamPlanet's confidence in our enterprise transcoding products -- after substantial beta testing -- is a testament to the power of Sorenson Media innovation and technology.  After all, iStreamPlanet's client list is a veritable "who's who" in sports, entertainment and technology -- including NBC, Turner Broadcasting, AMC Networks, the US Olympic Committee, AT&T, and Microsoft.

We welcome this important new partnership.