Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sorenson Media Named A Top 100 That "Matters Most" in Online Video

Streaming Media Magazine just named Sorenson Media, once again, as 1 of 100 companies that "matter most" in online video.

We'll take that honor!  And, we'll add it to the record 5 nominations we have for the coveted "Readers' Choice Awards" in the U.S., and 2 finalist kudos we have for the "Readers' Choice" European brother (winners of which will be announced this coming Tuesday in London).  Kirk Punches, our VP Business Dev & Strategy will be in London hopefully picking up an award on Tuesday -- as well as discussing a significant new development.  Very significant.

Stay tuned.

METRIC Mesmerizes at the Greek

I recently wrote about Metric -- one of my favorite bands -- and perhaps the best undiscovered, "discovered" band.  Great under-appreciated synth-rock with hints of Blondie.  I have been playing the band's latest album, "Synthetica," on constant rotation for the past few months -- and have since branched out to the band's first albums over 10 years ago.  All strong.  My 12-year old daughter, Hunter, could not help catching the Metric "bug" which has overtaken our home audio system.  She too now is smitten.

Tuesday night, I yanked Hunter out of school early for a special cultural event -- a trip from San Diego to LA to see the band at the Greek Theater, one of the most storied music venues in the Western U.S.  After averting several near-disasters in my first StubHub experience, Hunter and I happily found ourselves in the first row center of The Greek, a venue I have not seen for over 10 years (which, by the way, is spectacular -- I had forgotten how spectacular.  It is an amazing venue for music.  If you haven't experienced it, do it if you get the chance).

First up -- new Canadian band "Half Moon Run."  Impressive.  Liked them.  Liked them a lot.  Want the band's new album, but can't find it yet on Rhapsody.

Main event -- Metric.  And, we were blown away.  Lead singer Emily Haines is mesmerizing, the real deal, a real artist, a real punk artist.  Great songs (deep powerful catalog).  Great sound.  Great voice.  Great energy.  The band was tight.  She was beyond engaging.  She had the audience in the palm of her hands.  

Before making the frequently horrific drive from San Diego to LA, I had really questioned whether a concert is worth that kind of trouble.  The expected (and realized) frustration of SoCal traffic; the ticket snafus via SnubHub (who redeemed themselves with great customer service and better-than-purchased tix in the front row).  

Emily Haines and the band, however, smashed those questions.  Smashed them to a pulp.  The band proved why nothing compares to the energy of live performances IF done right.  This was about as "right" as it could be, as the concert transformed into a true communal experience.  I almost cringe at writing this next sentence, because it sounds trite -- but, in all serious-ness, a bond truly was forged between the performers and the audience on that beautiful Tuesday night.  And, that was due to the power of Emily Haines. 

This video proves it.  This is how Emily and the band ended the concert.  Watch it.  The experience meant a lot to my daughter and me.  And, as you can see from this video, the experience also meant a lot to the band. 

Magical ....