Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Check Out My New Blog Design -- You Are Seeing It

For the second time in the past few months -- and after not touching my blog design even once for the 6 years prior -- I have redesigned my blog and template.  Why?  To optimize your user (reader) experience by making more information more readily available -- easier.  While my last redesign was perhaps "prettier," it wasn't as functional.  Important information was essentially hidden -- including the full side-bar to the right here.  And, I was requested to add more sharing options -- including a LinkedIn sharing option.  The one downside for adding the new sharing options, however, is that all historical sharing data (including number of retweets, as one example) is gone -- so, as you peruse past posts, you won't see any such data.  Not ideal, but it is what it is.

For a blog, and for many products/services/websites, "pretty" isn't always better.  It is about the content after all.  And, it is about accessing that content -- easily.  At least, that's what I think.  (For those interested in understanding the critical role played by U/X design, click here to read my earlier post on the subject which features an interview with Sorenson Media's own U/X expert, Chris Meyer.)

What do YOU think?  Send me your feedback.  I want to hear it.  And, if you don't like it, maybe I'll try try again.