Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VIDEO -- Sorenson Media Salt Lake Does Mud! The Dirty Dash

The Coming H.265 Wave -- Part II

A few weeks back, I interviewed Sorenson Media's resident in-house expert, Randon Morford, about the new H.265 HEVC (high efficiency video codec) -- what it means for businesses, and what it means for consumers.  It was a highly read post (one of my most widely read ever, in fact), demonstrating the topical interest.

Well, Randon just expanded some of his thoughts about H.265 in a follow-up guest post in Streaming Media (click this link to read it).

Just more evidence of the ever-changing world that is online video -- and of the depth of knowledge held by the Sorenson Media team (Randon has spent nearly 10 years at Sorenson Media and well over a decade in the online video industry, not only addressing trends -- but also leading them).