Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Squeeze Premium Server Video Transcoding -- A Hit

Just over one week ago, my company, Sorenson Media, announced our latest major product launch -- "Squeeze Premium" -- the power of server-side online video transcoding with the ease and UI of our award-winning Squeeze desktop product.  Our press release gives all the "why's" and "how's" about our newest product -- and how it sits/fits between our Squeeze desktop product and our Squeeze Server full-fledged enterprise transcoding product.  In the words of Fierce Online Video, "the product is aimed at small-medium-office customers with multiple concurrent encoding and editing projects."  Industry guru Jan Ozer of Streaming Media points out that Squeeze Premium is "targeted towards share use via watch folders by multiple editors in a clustered editing environment.

And, what are the pundits saying about how new Squeeze Premium performs?  Here's one from Creative Cow, one of the most respected industry publications for video professionals:

"Sorenson Media made a smart move in enabling its desktop hardware for a server environment. By keeping many of the features of the desktop product - especially the user interface - Sorenson has created a natural upgrade path for users enlarging their operations as well as a simple solution for existing post houses that need Squeeze's capabilities in a server environment. Since it was developed in response to customers, those customers are sure to adopt it and use it. Once they've got it in house, perhaps they'll find other features they need to expand its use in the post house environment. Let's stay tuned for what Sorenson Media plans next."

Thanks Cow -- we'll take that!