Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sorenson Media -- Record 5 Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" Award Noms ... Again

Online video industry leading publication, Streaming Media, just announced its U.S. "Readers' Choice" award nominations and voting process.  And, I am pleased to report that -- once again -- Sorenson Media has been nominated in a record 5 categories:

(1) Best Online Video Technology Company -- which we won last year

(2) Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service -- "Squeeze Cloud" -- which we won last year

(3) Encoding Software (Desktop) -- "Sorenson Squeeze" -- which we won last year

(4) Encoding Software (Enterprise) -- "Squeeze Server"

(5) Online Video Platform -- "Sorenson 360"

As indicated above, we won a record 3 out of 5 nominations last year -- including the coveted "Best Online Video Technology Company" crown -- as a result of the support from not only our long-time customers, but also from the video professional community in general.  That's why these awards mean so much -- because they are given by actual users of the products and services that all of us in the industry develop.

Help us make it another 3, 4 or 5 out of 5 this year -- click here on this link for more information on how to vote.

"Blue States" Watch More Online Video -- But Who Wins?

Our compatriots at online video platform company Ooyala just recently published their "Q2 2012 Global Video Index" -- and one of the more interesting nuggets from this analysis during this election season is that "Blue State" viewers watch significantly more video online than so-called "Red Staters."  26% more online video, to be exact.

No deep analysis was given -- but, certainly 'tis intriguing.  Not sure whether that fact gives either candidate any advantage.  But, it certainly has us talking about it ... and about the overall study ... and about the overall author of that study.  And, ultimately, that is the point, right?

THAT is astute marketing, my friends.  Take your strength -- analytics -- and wrap them up in a news story with a timely "sexy" focus (the Presidential election) and get that story reported widely (including in this blog) with full attribution.

They shoot.  They score.