Thursday, August 30, 2012

My 1100+ Post -- Renesas Shares Leap 35% After Sorenson Spark Announcement -- Coincidence?

Another personal milestone in my wonderful world of blogging -- I just passed the 1,100 mark (which I inadvertently missed reporting at the time).  This is my 1,103rd post to be exact -- a milestone that represents literally hundreds and hundreds of early (very early) hours on the keyboard.  I hope that my musings have entertained and educated along the way.  At least I enjoy it.

And, so, here's the topic for this 1,103rd post -- the power of the Sorenson Media brand.

On Tuesday, we announced yet another major Sorenson Spark codec licensing deal -- this time with Renesas Electronics, one of the world's five largest semiconductor companies.  Then, on Wednesday, Renesas's stock soars 35%!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Okay, okay -- am having a bit of fun here.  Actually, analysts are attributing that vaulting of shareholder value to the fact that grand-daddy/legendary private equity firm KKR is expected to invest $1.3 billion in our new partner.

Nonetheless, our partners frequently tell us that our Sorenson Media brand matters.  And, I learned this from my first days with the company in early 2009 -- that the Sorenson name stands for innovation, ingenuity and trust in the eyes of customers and partners alike.  That's why we count over 70 Fortune 100 companies as our customers.

I was fortunate to have inherited this legacy -- a legacy that we take very seriously -- and upon which we continuously challenge ourselves to build and expand (case in point: expect a major new product announcement soon).  And, we take that very seriously not only for ourselves, but also for our partners like Renesas.