Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amazon's Sept 6 LA Press Conference -- All M&E Baby!

Amazon just announced that it will hold a major press conference on September 6 in LA -- specifically in Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.  Speculation is now rampant about the topic.

My prediction -- absolutely media & entertainment-focused (M&E); and more specifically, a 1-2 M&E punch of (1) a new Kindle Fire, and (2) significant newly available premium video content available for it from Amazon.

Hard to miss this one.  LA.  'Nuf said -- home of motion pictures and television.  Barker Hangar.  I've attended an event there.  It is a "big deal" kind of event place.  That means that Amazon must have a very big M&E announcement up its sleeves in order to fill that space.

And it will ....

Amazon has smartly invested massively in its Apple-like M&E vision -- to seamlessly marry A+ video content with the hardware (Kindle).  For Amazon, and completely unlike Apple, it is not about monetizing the hardware itself -- or even the movies and television itself.  Rather, it is about give more and more consumers more and more reasons to buy the Kindle for mobile shopping.  Shop, Shop, Shop ....