Monday, August 13, 2012

New Blue-Chip Sorenson Spark Licensee -- Sharp, Very Sharp

In my blog, I try not to focus too much on my own company, Sorenson Media.  This is not our corporate blog, after all.

Nonetheless, when Sorenson Media news breaks, I like to use my blog as the place to break it first.  So, here it is -- a full 12 hours prior to the official press release being distributed tomorrow morning:

HEADLINE -- Sharp Corporation, the global CE and technology company, has just become our latest partner to license our Sorenson Spark SDK to enhance the company's online video family of semiconductors on a chip (SoC) for mobile devices.  In so doing, Sharp becomes our latest global blue-chip Sorenson Spark partner (here is a partial list of other Spark licensees).

BENEFIT -- Sharp's inclusion of the Sorenson Spark codec will enable the company to expand its influence in the mobile device design marketplace by enhancing the video components of its proprietary libraries and chipsets, ultimately providing end mobile device users with access to the deepest pool of online video content.  Sorenson Spark is, unbeknownst to many, the industry's most ubiquitous video codec, and was the first codec used in Macromedia/Adobe Flash.  The decoder exclusively enables the optimized playback of hundreds of millions of videos on the Internet, including YouTube.

We welcome Sharp to the fold -- and to our ever-expanding list of global blue-chip Spark partners.