Monday, July 30, 2012

Patents -- THE Topic in Tech This Week

All eyes in tech this week will be watching the epic court-room patent battle that begins and has the real (not exaggerated) potential of disrupting the global mobile market.  It is Goliath v. Goliath(s).  In this corner, we have Apple.  In the other corner, we have the challenger -- Samsung.  And, all over the ring is Google.

Apple, in essence, claims Samsung (via Google's Android O/S) ripped off the overall iPhone experience, as well as the iPhone's form factor itself.  Samsung has countered with patents of its own.  Google itself is not sued in this one, but may as well have been.  Its overall mobile strategy is at stake.

With patent trolls proliferating in the world of tech -- and dampening innovation -- is there really a point in multi-billion dollar tech behemoths battling each other?  Apple, of course, has $116 BILLION in cash right now, and Samsung just finished its best quarter ever.  Apple and Samsung are THE 1-2 punch in the mobile world.

My prediction?

If the case does not settle -- which it will not (at least for a while) -- the court will find a way to be practical and toss it out.  It will ultimately overlook the precise details of the actual patents at stake and do what Judge Posner has done -- chide both sides.