Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sorenson Media -- 5 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Noms (& 3 Wins) Last Year -- This Year?

It's that time of year again (already) -- online video industry leading pub Streaming Media just opened up nominations for its annual coveted "Readers' Choice" awards.

Last year, Sorenson Media was nominated for more categories (5) -- and took home the prize in more categories (3) -- than ANY other company, big or small (including the most coveted of all -- "Best Online Video Technology Company").  In fact, we have won Readers' Choice awards 5 years running.  This is a badge of honor we hold dearly, because it is the actual users of our products (and competitor online video products) who decide who is the best.

Last year, we were nominated in the following 5 categories:

(1) Best Online Video Technology Company -- which we won
(2) Best Encoding Software (under $1,000) -- which we won for "Sorenson Squeeze"
(3) Best Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service -- which we won for "Squeeze Cloud"
(4) Best Encoding Software (over $1,000) -- nominated for "Squeeze Server"
(5) Best Online Video Platform -- nominated for "Sorenson 360"

This year, the categories are virtually identical.

So, nominate using this link (and submitting multiple nominations for multiple products).  Be sure to use the "Encoding Software (Desktop)" category for Sorenson Squeeze -- and "Encoding Software (Enterprise Grade)" for Squeeze Server.

Let the fun begin ...

SS Coachella -- Am There! YEA(Sayer)!

Ahh yes Goldenvoice (actually, behemoth AEG) -- your beyond-successful "Coachella" music festival is not just the same old Coachella anymore.  Now, "Coachella" has become a full-on brand -- and AEG is clearly intent on extending and milking that cash cow for all it's worth.  

Exhibit A -- the "SS Coachella Music Festival at Sea."  I had no idea this was happening until early last week -- but, yes, AEG has created a mini-Coachella that leaves the desert and, instead, sails into the Caribbean in December.  I stumbled upon this under-reported development via Twitter last week and, to my surprise, found the entire website devoted to the new experience (it isn't anymore).  I turned to my wife, Luisa, and said -- "we are in!" (and she gamely said, "of course," because she knew that I wouldn't take "no" for an answer).  AEG simply had me at "hello" -- flying to Miami, leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, sailing to the Bahamas on a luxury cruise liner, and listening to live music the whole way.  What's not to like for a passionate music fan and long-time attendee of Coachella and other music festivals?  

For me, the line-up itself is not the draw -- there are no "A" players.  I mean, come on -- "Pulp" is the headliner?  But, then again, Yeasayer will play, as will Warpaint and Grimes (among others).  For me, the overall EXPERIENCE is the draw.  Despite all of my travels, my wife and I have never been to Miami.  Never been on a cruise.  And, there has never before been an SS Coachella music festival at sea.

Surprisingly, the SS Coachella has not yet sold-out.  I had expected it to sell out within minutes when tix went on sale this past Saturday.

So, will AEG/Goldenvoice succeed in its attempt to take desert music to the high seas?  My guess is an absolute "yes."  The massive company is absolutely committed to the "Coachella" brand.  And, it is using this new event as a trial balloon to learn -- and then expand even beyond that.

All I know is that this will be an incredibly memorable event ....

(One more thing -- Customer Support "watch":  the folks at AEG overseeing the event gave me stellar customer support and were incredibly helpful and responsive; after I booked, I realized that I was near the front of the ship -- and was told by the cruise liner that it would be better to be in the mid-section; so I reached out to the SS Coachella cruise directors and they accommodated.  BRAVO!)