Monday, July 23, 2012

Giving Tree Movement -- Events Foster Solutions to "Race to Nowhere"

Last week on July 18, Luisa Csathy (pictured standing on the left), Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer of Giving Tree Movement, held the organization's third major event in the Ranch.  Luisa moderated a parent focus group that featured nationally-known experts Susie Walton (Founder of Indigo Village -- seated on the right) and Tami Walsh (Founder of Teen Wisdom -- pictured seated in the center).  A select group of parents from the Rancho Santa Fe area were invited to attend this latest event -- I was one of the fortunate few to be one of them.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that I am married to Luisa -- that gives me special access to her events.  And, although I may be somewhat biased, I can tell you this -- Luisa is the real deal -- she is a quiet confident force who already has made a meaningful difference in lives all around us.   

Luisa's Giving Tree Movement (GTM) is a non-profit organization she started in 2011 to offer families solutions to today's issues and pressures from within the four walls of the home and through community support.  She founded GTM after seeing the problems and pressures families (and especially teens) face exposed in the film "Race to Nowhere." Those same themes are evident in the best-selling book "The Price of Privilege."

Luisa's latest GTM event followed her earlier GTM event in April at the Rancho Santa Fe Inn, which was titled "Finding Your Passion," and which featured international best-selling author Janet Attwood (author of "The Passion Test").  Csathy's inaugural Giving Tree Movement event was held at the Inn earlier this year in February, featuring not only Atwood, but also Walton, Walsh and Bobbi DePorter (founder and CEO of internationally known "Quantum Learning Network").

Essentially, Luisa's powerfully confident personality has attracted an all-star line-up of experts committed to giving parents, teens and kids tools to enable them to "succeed."   In Luisa's view of the world, "success" means that our kids learn to live meaningful, purposeful and authentic lives.

Amen to that!  (Pictured above from left to right relaxing after the event -- Leonora Langs, "Room to Read Foundation; Luisa Csathy; Tami Walsh; Susie Walton).