Thursday, July 19, 2012

YouTube Now Pays $100M+ to Content Creators -- Now THAT's Real Cash!

Yes, the headline is true -- premium video content can, in fact, monetize online!  (Which is something I have always felt, by the way, as long-time readers know.)  YouTube is a leader in showing how, which may be surprising to some.

According to Google SVP Nikesh Arora, thousands of content partners each now generate in excess of $100,000 annually -- that's over $100 million, to you and me.  And, according to TechCrunch, over 1,300 clients attended YouTube's recent digital "upfront" -- i.e., its event to woo marketers to shell out big bucks.  That's 1,300 more ways to add to these coffers.

This is yet another data point demonstrating that the tide may be turning in the online monetization game via a combination of ad revenues, subscription revenues, and on-demand payments.  And, this also importantly means that YouTube is increasingly becoming a home for premium video content.  In other words, YouTube is not just for cute cuddly kitties anymore.

Premium video creators.  Here's your bottom line.  The more access consumers have to your premium content, the more potential ways you -- the content creator -- have to get your content seen, heard, and ultimately paid for.

Carpe Dollar-em.  Seize the opportunity!  Seize the cash!