Tuesday, July 17, 2012

S.S. Coachella -- Music Festival at Sea ... Sea-riously

I first thought this was a hoax ... but looks very real.  Coachella has just shipped out of the desert and onto the high seas.  Music fans, this looks incredible -- here's the proof -- here's the link.  This December ....

Newly Enhanced Sorenson 360 -- An OVP Like No Other

I am proud to report that we here at Sorenson Media have made some significant enhancements to "Sorenson 360", our differentiated online video platform (OVP).  Most significantly, we now have integrated our unique "Review & Approval" workflow features directly into 360 itself to enable the most efficient and streamlined video collaboration workflows.  And, existing users of 360 get all of this power for no additional cost (that's the beauty of being a SaaS customer).

Click on this link for the official press release that gives all the detail you could ask for.

Even before adding this new significantly differentiating "Review & Approval" functionality, Sorenson 360 stood apart from all other major OVPs in our humble opinion.  Two primary reasons: (1) quality -- put simply, our brand is known for enabling the highest quality video, and Sorenson 360 harnesses the full power of our award-winning Squeeze engine; and (2) workflow -- Sorenson 360 integrates seamlessly into Squeeze itself, adding another publishing destination from newly encoded jobs (in addition to all major CDNs, YouTube, etc.).

Now, for the first time, Review & Approval requests can also be generated solely through Sorenson 360 itself and now support exists in the 360 API for ANY asset type (we call this Abstract Asset IDs-- which means that we can support multiple files of a video-- any/all of the stages of a video's lifespan-- which would include Source, Mezzanine (Editing--ProRes, DNxHD or Archive--high-bitrate H.264, MPEG-2 or JPEG2000), Adaptive Bitrate or other final delivery (MP4, Flash, etc) formats). 

We also offer APIs at an even higher level of Review & Approval (for the media and entertainment business, as an example), which includes fan-out encoding with Adaptive Bitrate (Apple HLS), ALE edit metadata inclusion with videos, overwhelmingly tight security controls, playlist and commenting options -- all these features compete strongly with any of the services that currently ONLY do this as standalone companies (such as Pix Systems, Wiredrive or Aframe).

Finally, we are currently working with some of the biggest names in video on initiatives for Mezzanine delivery of premium content from content partners (read: any major studio, advertisers or content producers who'd have their content delivered by these OTT (Over-the-Top) services).  These are "partner" deals, as we are tuning our transcoding software to comply specifically with the preferred intermediate (or Mezzanine) format supported by these firms.

All in all, we think this is big news.  But, hey, who cares what we think (seriously)!  Let us know what you think.  Contact our Sales and Support teams (you can find those links on our Sorenson Media site).  Let ME know what you think.  Send me a direct email at ceo@sorensonmedia.com

Happy video encoding, publishing, management and delivery!