Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Summer Beach House -- We Are GIVERS

We're having an amazing summer in San Diego so far -- blazing sun, beautiful weather.  Two years ago, not so much -- we were summer-less.  180 degree difference.

I've taken advantage of it with "Beach House" -- and we are "Givers."  Two great bands -- "Beach House" and "GIVERS" -- and two great soundtracks for the summer.  

First up -- the band Beach House and its mesmerizing new album "Bloom."  This is great music to chill out by at your, well, beach house (if you are lucky enough to have one or have a friend who has one) (as they say, you never know how many friends you have until you own a beach house -- I saw this stitched into a pillow at a friend's beach house in Del Mar and wasn't sure if they pulled it out for my benefit).  Stand-out tracks from "Bloom" include "Myth," "New Year," and "Lazuli."  As I pointed out in a previous post, you will find yourself pressing repeat ... over ... and over ... and over again.

For something completely different -- and true upbeat beach summer-time music -- check out the brilliant young band GIVERS and their equally brilliant album "In Light."  There is not a mediocre song in the bunch.  Stand-out tracks include, well all of them -- but if I need to choose only 3, check out "Up Up Up" (the album's first single), "Ceiling of Plankton" (second single), and "Atlantic."  I discovered this band at this year's Jazz Fest in New Orleans -- trust me, they are the real deal.

The perfect soundtracks for your upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Is this a digital media post?  Depending on your definition.  Both albums can be streamed on Rhapsody and other streaming services.  And, in any event, my blog's tagline prominently includes my passion for music.  So there it is ....