Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Cloud Storage Partner AWS -- 1 Trillion + Objects Served!

Move over McDonald's -- there's a new sheriff in town.  And, that sheriff is our good partner Amazon and its "Simple Storage Service" (S3) Cloud service.  So, yes, while you, McDonald's, have served over 1 billion burgers, that ain't nothin' compared to S3 which now hosts more than 1 TRILLION objects.  You heard me right -- 1 trillion!

Okay, we all know that is "a lot."  But how can you even wrap your mind around that?  Think of it this way (in the computations of Amazon's very own Jeff Barr):

-- that's 142 objects for every person on the planet
-- if you count one object per second, it would take you 31,710 YEARS to count them all

As if that is not amazing enough, check out the growth of S3:

-- just this past October 2011, S3 was hosting "only" 566 billion objects
-- that grew to 762 billion in January of this year
-- growing to 905 billion objects in April
-- and now this -- 1 Trillion in June

That means that S3's object count can grow as much as 3.5 billion in a single day -- or 40,000 new objects per second.

And, consider this.  Relatively speaking, we are still early early early in the digital media game (including online video of course).  AWS and S3 underscore the power and the potential of the Cloud.

This is where we are heading my friends ... so buckle your seat-belts as we ride more of our assets into the Cloud.

We here at Sorenson Media have had our heads in the Cloud for years already (check out our Cloud solutions here) -- and are the experienced pilots to take you there (and make sure that you are safe every step of the way) (are you tired of my air-flying word-play yet?).  We have worked with Amazon/AWS for years already -- and we work with several other major Cloud infrastructure service providers as well.  In other words, we are agnostic.

Check out my Streaming Media article, in which I address the uniquely powerful attributes of Cloud-based video workflows/transcoding -- from a user's perspective -- "The Power and Promise of the Cloud".