Wednesday, June 06, 2012

We Welcome Comcast/thePlatform's OVP Expansion

Mega-cable/media conglom Comcast acquired online video platform (OVP) grand-daddy thePlatform way back in 2006.  Since that time, thePlatform has primarily counted Comcast and other major MSOs as its customers, leaving the rest of the OVP market to Brightcove, Ooyala and others.  We here at Sorenson Media have our own highly-reviewed OVP service called "Sorenson 360" that has thousands of customers (and is also elegantly tied into our award-winning "Squeeze" encoding products).

Well, that has now changed.  In further recognition of the accelerating importance of video to all businesses (big and small), thePlatform just launched a new service, "mpx Essentials," that targets the mid-market with two different pricing plans.  Ryan Lawler, who covers the online video space for TechCrunch, has this to say about thePlatform's new move

"... thePlatform sees a huge opportunity as online video becomes even more ubiquitous than it already is. And it’s betting that there are a ton of big brands, media agencies, and the like who want to control distribution of their videos beyond just uploading them to YouTube." 

We here at Sorenson Media violently agree, of course.  YouTube and other services of that ilk simply don't solve many of the needs of most businesses -- including fundamental ownership and control of your own video content.

So, if thePlatform has now expanded beyond its original focus to address a wider market opportunity that we here at Sorenson Media also service via our Sorenson 360 service, why would I write about a competitor?  It's simple.  It's a big market out there.  There are plenty of customers for those of us who do it right.  We also are confident in the strength of our full eco-system of video workflow solutions and feel like no other OVP can do what we do -- which is to seamlessly integrate a powerful OVP solution with market leading transcoding Squeeze products, including Squeeze 8.5 and Squeeze Server in all of its flavors (Squeeze Cloud, Squeeze On Premise, and Squeeze Hybrid deployments).  That is some powerful stuff.

In other words, we welcome thePlatform's expansion -- and what it represents to overall opportunity and promise in the online video world.