Friday, June 01, 2012

World Famous Camp Pendleton MUD RUN This Weekend!

Okay, the pressure's on.  I commit to the 10K World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run this weekend with several others from my team at Sorenson Media (here is a map of the course).  These were the brave stalwarts who conquered the 8 mile brutal and bruising Spartan Race back in January (which I could not make, due to an injury just two weeks prior to the event).

Once again, I injured myself just weeks before this event (what is up with that?) -- but, I plan to soldier on this time (hoping that the RockTape I just used for the first time will keep my leg together).  Pressure's on.

The event is Sunday.  I plan to start.  I hope to finish ... with the rest of the Sorenson Media team.

Stay tuned.

VIDEO -- Ikea's New "Uppleva" TV -- It's Heeeeeeere!

Ikea's new "Uppleva" TV -- in Ikea's own words .... Yes, it's real.