Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VIDEO -- PayPal Launches Into Space Under SpaceX Brand

Live Video streaming by Ustream Former PayPal entrepreneur, and overall wunderkind, Elon Musk succeeds -- as SpaceX's "Dragon" becomes first private spacecraft to launch successfully to reach the International Space Station.

Get a "Beach House" for the Long Weekend

Memorial Day -- and the first weekend of summer -- is upcoming.  But, what's a long summer holiday weekend without a "Beach House"?

Beach House -- as in the band "Beach House."  Great music to sit back, soak in, and chill out to on summer evenings.  Mellow.  Vibey.  Mesmerizing.  Pitchfork gives it an incredible 9.1.  The name of the band speaks for itself.  Relaxing ....

Check out the band's new album "Bloom" -- which I am doing right now as I write this.  Stand-out tracks include "Myth," "New Year," and "Lazuli."  You will find yourself pressing repeat ... over ... and over ... and over again.