Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forget to Send Mom a Card? Videograms to the Rescue!

Mother's Day is nearly upon us.  Forget to send your mom a card?

Never fear!  The good folks at leading memory-sharing site, Shutterfly, are to the rescue.

Check out "Videogram", the new video mix product Shutterfly customers can use to drop-dead easily select their favorite photos (and videos) to automatically create a gorgeous video that can be shared and archived.  While other video mix products exist, none offer the user-friendly consumer video workflow/experience available to Shutterfly users.  No uploading of new photos or videos is necessary.  Just select those photos and videos from your existing Shutterfly library (there is no limit) -- then click -- then sit back while your video mix of those photos/videos is automatically generated in record time.  You can also add music and titles to the video to make it truly memorable and compelling.

As a long-time (10+ years) Shutterfly user, I find Videogram to be a great new product -- a great new way to capture and share memories (as well as archive).

Ahh, yes -- one more thing.  My company, Sorenson Media, is Shutterfly's overall video service provider.  And, we are integrally involved in making Videogram possible.

We think that is very cool too ....