Friday, May 04, 2012

Video Chat -- Now Mainstream, But Virtually All Naysayers Just 5 Years Ago

A new study reports that 37% of teens regularly engage in video chat -- via Skype, iChat, FaceTime, or via some other service.

And, to think that, only 5 years ago, virtually NO ONE believed that consumer video chat would ever take off.  I should know -- from late 2005 to late 2008, I ran video chat start-up SightSpeed (which was picked up by Logitech and is now operated under the "Vid" moniker).  During those years, I was constantly barraged with the following type of comment -- "well, you know, video chat debuted at the 1964 World Fair and was always touted to be the next big thing -- but wasn't."  I would simply stare back and say, "just wait and see."  And, I would emphasize the mobile video chat opportunity as well.

Fast forward now -- video chat is everywhere -- including mobile.  It's not just about two-way video chat either.  Especially in the mobile world, video "chat" is about "see what I'm seeing live."

Sweet validation!  I feel very fortunate to have been on the bleeding edge to enable what has now become mainstream communications behavior.