Monday, April 30, 2012

Jazz Fest v Coachella -- A Tale of Two Music Festivals

Last weekend Coachella (you may have seen my multiple daily posts over one week ago).  This past weekend, Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  Different coast.  Entirely different kind of music festival.  Both powerful -- for different reasons.

Both featured rock and roll headliners (Bon Iver, not exactly rock and roll, held a prime spot in both), but Jazz Fest still stays true to its roots of jazz, zydeco, blues.  Jazz Fest is for the young and old (I was in the middle), whereas Coachella is 80% 30 and under.  Jazz Fest is in the heart of New Orleans on a self-contained race track, whereas Coachella is in the middle of the Indio desert on sprawling massive grounds.  Jazz Fest ends each night around 7 pm, whereas Coachella goes past midnight.  And, Coachella is, not surprisingly, much more of a party (especially in the dance tents).

My Jazz Fest revelation?  The young band out of Louisiana called "GIVERS."  Incredible energy -- and my VIP pass got me right up front.  Here they are in action.  Enjoy.