Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Survey Says MP4 Is THE King of Mobile & Web Video -- And Underscores Increasingly Hands-On Role Played by Vid Pros

Today, in connection with NAB, we here at Sorenson Media just released the results of a major survey of our customer base of hundreds of thousands of video professionals, which includes 66%+ of the major U.S. broadcasters and over 70 Fortune 100 companies.  The major findings are included in the above infographic, which already have been reported by TechCrunch and numerous others.  The full results of the survey are reported in our just-issued press release, which is worthy of a read and which has some surprises.

Most significantly, because online and mobile video are getting increasingly complex with the proliferation of devices and multiple formats and codecs, video professionals must play a more active hands-on role than ever before.  A surprising 68% of respondents modify the encoding presets (encoding "recipes") in our Sorenson Squeeze product (despite the fact that Squeeze ships with over 200 presets), and an additional 11% create their own presets.  Moreover, 25% export their presets for presumed sharing of their customized presets and expertise.  And, the majority of vid pros now perform multiple encodes concurrently.