Friday, April 13, 2012

Coachella Streaming LIVE! To Your Couch (Thanks to YouTube & AppleTV)

Day 1 Coachella.  Will be there for weekend #2.

But, for now, you can watch all three main stages ... LIVE ... from Coachella's site (courtesy of YouTube).

And, if you really want to experience "the next best thing to being there", then use AirPlay to send the stream directly to your AppleTV/flat screen in your living room.

No matter who the band is on stage, it is very very cool.

You gotta love technology.  You gotta love video.  You gotta love music.

Put all three things together ... done right ... magical.

Check it out.

MUST READ -- "World War 3.0" -- Battle for Control of the Internet

For those of you not going to Coachella, here is your mandatory weekend reading -- from Vanity Fair -- titled "World War 3.0" -- and discusses the ongoing battlefields and players involved in taking control of the Internet which is, essentially, uncontrollable by its nature.  Among those featured and sourced in the article is Vint Cerf, a legend in the Internet world (and now is Evangelist at, surprise, surprise, Google).  

I was surprised to see that Vanity Fair offers the entire article online at no charge (here is the link) -- highlighting a central struggle of content providers to monetize the fruits of their artistry and labor in a world where many believe that content should be "free" (as in no charge).

Here is a synopsis from Geek News Central (for those of you who want a preview before reading the whole thing).  Fascinating, yet scary at the same time ....

Be informed.  Read it.  Understand the macro-issues at play.