Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disparate Youth - Disparate Music

Longtime readers know that I have had much music on my mind of late (in fact, some of you may have noticed that my 6 year old tag-line to my blog has been expanded ... it now reads "myriad media, music and technology musings" -- i.e., I just added the "music").  It may have something to do with the fact that I soon will make my pilgrimage to the mecca of music festivals -- Coachella -- which will mark my third such epic voyage.

In the spirit of Coachella -- and in the spirit of the diversity of music you will find there -- here are some very disparate acts that you will find in my highly eclectic musical mind.  Musical musings, if you will, which you can take ... or not.  I am listening to all three on rotation now ... today ... tonight.  I strongly suggest you check them out.

Speaking of disparate, my first pick is artist Santigold and her great new track "Disparate Youth."  This song is yet another inspired innovative creation in a long line of unique musical moments from this non-compromising artist who will play Coachella.

Occupying a completely different place on the sonic spectrum, check out the band "Girls" -- who have no women in sight in the band -- but who also will play Coachella.  Their new album "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" is mandatory listening for anyone who likes the Floyd ... as in Pink Floyd.  If "Dark Side of the Moon" was being recorded today in 2012, this is what it would sound like.  I know that THAT is a big statement.  But, just check it out and make your own judgment.  And, prove me wrong.  I suggest starting with the song "Vomit" -- rough name, amazing song.  Enough said.  (The video in this post is this band, this song).

Not disparate enough yet?  Then check out the band "Of Monsters & Men" who hail from Iceland, the land of Bjork.  This band apparently is still shockingly unsigned, but their brilliant new album "My Head Is An Animal" will change that.  Unfortunately for me, they will not be playing Coachella.  But, I am listening to them right now on Rhapsody.

There it is, my disparate musical trilogy for today.

Finally, one word of advice for any of you music fans out there.  Just find a way to go to Coachella -- it is something you absolutely must do.  The experience is unforgettable.  The desert setting alone is itself worth the price of admission.  And, if you do go, find me ... I will be the one pressing up against the stage on all 3 days ... (and will still make it to work first thing Monday morning).