Monday, March 26, 2012

Extreme Make-Over -- Digital Media Update Edition

At long last, here it is folks -- my blog's complete, and long long long overdue, redesign -- the first since I first started writing my Digital Media Updates on October 11, 2006.  That's nearly 6 years to you and me.

Why change now?  Because I was tired of my previous Soviet-era look and feel.  The look is intended to be cleaner and significantly more user friendly.  In one glimpse, in my new "Magazine" view, you can now check out several stories at once (and trust me, each is more fascinating than the next ...).  Want to be really blown away?  (I know I do).  Check out the "Flipcard" view in the tabs.  My intended-to-be-animated musings actually become animated.  I almost chose this as my default view, but then I thought it was a bit too much.

How did I make this all happen?  Who were my brilliant web designers?  Well, my good friends at Google/Blogger.  I saw no announcement of these amazingly powerful new templates.  All of a sudden, they were simply there.

One more thing for you lovers of detail.  I made an extremely subtle, but apparently long overdue, grammatical correction to my "Digital Media Update" masthead.  Do you see it?  Or, more correctly, do you see what it no longer is?  My sub-text previously read, "a myriad of media and technology musings by Peter Csathy ..."  But, I was told nearly one year ago by a long-time and special (and obviously more erudite) college friend that the use of the words "a" and "of" are grammatically incorrect in the usage of the word "myriad."  So, as stubborn as I can be, I can also see the light at times ... even if it takes a year.  That's why now -- with this redesign -- I have a new commitment to pristine English.  Case in point -- now the sub-heading reads, "... myriad media and technology musings by Peter Csathy ..."  Well isn't that special?

On the other hand, my writing wouldn't be my writing unless I continued to flagrantly break the rules at times.  That's why I remain committed to never stopping to use the word "and" at the beginning of a sentence.  And, that's just the way it is ....

Enjoy.  And, let me know what you think ....