Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sorenson Media's Quest for "World Domination"

"World domination" -- those are the words of tech reviewer Barry Braverman -- not ours. Specifically, in reviewing Sorenson Media's new Squeeze 8 Pro which launched just two weeks ago (and which he gives it an overall rating of "HOT"), Braverman writes:

"For Sorenson, the more workflows it is involved in the better, and given the relevance and appeal of Squeeze to virtually every digital content creator on the planet, Sorenson's desire for world domination is a most welcome and admirable thing."

Braverman writes for respected and widely-read video production publication Studio Daily. Hey listen, Braverman said it. And, we like it. We'll own it. We are an ambitious group. We are passionate at what we do. And, in our highly fragmented video enabling market, it is true that we absolutely intend to dominate.

More choice cuts from Braverman, in reviewing our latest product, include:

"... digital film-making's Three Noble Truths: Yes you need Photoshop, yes you need your NLE -- and yes you need Sorenson Squeeze."

"Today Squeeze has evolved into an industry imperative, an empowering force of digital currency at the end, and now beginning, of virtually every workflow."

With new Squeeze 8 Pro with new professional format support (Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD), professional video editors "can now access the Pro plug-in at any point in the post-production process, a significant development that is also potentially game-changing in many editors' workflows."

"... the future of Squeeze and Squeeze Pro looks blindingly bright."

Not to be outdone, separate highly respected publication "Layers", which focuses on the Adobe creative community, just concluded its own review of new Squeeze 8 and calls it "the hands down winner!" of all software video encoding tools (note that the exclamation point is theirs, not ours).