Monday, March 12, 2012

My 1000th Post! Indulge Me ...

Today represents a personal milestone -- my 1000th post. My 1000th Digital Media Update. My 1000th attempt to offer perspective (based on 20+ years in media and technology), offer my "two cents" on relevant issues of the day, entertain and, yes, at times amuse. Remember, I say "attempt" -- doesn't mean I always hit the mark. But, god knows I try. I write these posts at ungodly hours -- frequently in the 4 ams -- never later than the 5 ams. I know I should be sleeping. But, I don't. That's not the way my brain works. Never has. Never will. And, I like to write. And am passionate about the topics I cover.

This is my forum.

I first started blogging over 5 years ago -- on October 11, 2006 -- when I wrote about Google's just-announced acquisition of YouTube (I called it "GooTube" back then). At the time, I was CEO of video chat leader, SightSpeed -- at a time when virtually no one (seriously, virtually no one) believed that consumer video chat would ever go mainstream. Well, we did -- and fast forward to now and look at how the world has changed -- consumer video chat is everywhere (FaceTime, Skype). SightSpeed was ahead of the curve. Logitech recognized this, and acquired our company back in the fall of 2008. The SightSpeed legacy lives on as "Vid" at Logitech.

Before SightSpeed, I was fortunate serve as President & COO and help lead another team that was ahead of the curve -- the team at online music innovator Musicmatch. Just like SightSpeed did for online video chat, Musicmatch did for online music distribution and overall enjoyment. We led the way. We invented the music jukebox. We secured the first on demand streaming licenses from the major labels. And, Musicmatch also had a successful exit -- being acquired by Yahoo! (As an aside, in between Musicmatch and SightSpeed, I joined forces for a blip with Dmitry Shapiro and pitched the first YouTube before there was a YouTube -- we pitched the very man who a few months later funded YouTube -- coincidence?; Dmitry and I later went different ways, and he took that vision and built Veoh, which could have been first ... but wasn't.)

And, before Musicmatch, I was COO of a true start-up -- eNow -- later acquired by AOL. So, I know in my bones what the start-up life is like. I also know what the major media company life is like -- before eNow, I spent a decade first as a legal affairs-type at major studios like Universal Studios and New Line Cinema; and then "evolved" into a senior business executive role (Universal Studios ... Part Deux ... and Savoy Pictures ... remember them?). And, before that, I was an entertainment and IP attorney -- yes, it's true! I had really cool clients in what seems perhaps like a dull role -- I represented Madonna (we are both still around!) and, most significantly, the rap group N.W.A which ultimately led me to meeting my wife, Luisa .... true story -- and maybe I'll tell it some day.

For the past 3 years I have been President & CEO of Sorenson Media. And, just like the companies with which I have been involved in the past, Sorenson Media is an innovator. Sorenson Media is the real deal. Sorenson Media is leading the way in enabling the highest quality online video experiences across any device and platform. Sorenson Media -- like the other companies -- was early in the game; but that game is changing fast right now. In real time. And, that makes it fun.

Bottom line -- I have seen a lot over my years. And, I have been fortunate to be working in a milieu that I love -- and in myriad ways -- over that period of time. The past 5 or so years -- since I started blogging -- has perhaps been the most rewarding. I am energized. That's why I wake up so early ... and go to bed so late.

What else has changed since my first post? My kids are now 12 and 9. Crazy to think about it. In 5 more years, my daughter will be soon off to college!

In the end, my blog represents a slice of my life and perspective that I hope either gives some value every now and then ... or makes you smile every now and then. At a minimum, I can tell you this -- it is absolutely authentic.

Thanks for joining me over these past few years. Let's keep rocking and rolling! There's a lot of work to be done ....