Saturday, March 03, 2012

What's "It" All About? Passion!

Another great weekend read for all tech/digital media entrepreneurs -- i.e., the critical and fundamental role of passion and "fire-in-the-belly" for success in any"thing" that we do. This post about passion is from Gigaom. It is dead-on. I absolutely believe it. And, I absolutely have seen the critical role of passion in each of my successful companies.

I too have previously written several times about passion. Here is one of those posts (which also throws in my love-of-the-game ... football).

Apple Inc. -- MORE Jobs!

As anyone alive and breathing in the tech biz knows, one of the largest ongoing stories is "Foxconn-gate" -- and Apple's role in what seem-to-be frequently de-humanizing conditions in its primary outsourced Chinese manufacturing facility. Apple is waging a massive PR war on that front defending its policies and practices.

As part of its campaign, Apple just released numbers that purportedly reflect all of the hundreds of thousands of jobs it has created here in the U.S. -- that number is 514,000. Obviously, that is a massive number that is directly attributable to Apple's innovation.

While certainly not minimizing the leading role Apple absolutely must take in promoting humane working conditions and basic human decency around the globe -- which I absolutely am not -- it is worth nothing that the 514,000 number likely significantly underestimates its relevant U.S. jobs-creation numbers. Apart from those jobs identified in the report, think of all of we tech/digital media entrepreneurs who have been deeply impacted -- frequently positively -- by Apple's history of innovation. There certainly is a positive halo effect here -- the whole "rising tide lifts all boats" adage. And, arguably, Apple's products have made all of us more productive, leading to increased growth and efficiency (even though there is certainly a double-edged sword effect -- i.e., greater efficiency means fewer bodies needed). My bet, however, is that all of these "halo" effects are significantly net-positive.

Yes, Apple -- and all other companies -- must actively promote change at Foxconn and elsewhere. And, yes, all of us consumers must be prepared to pay higher prices for our consumer electronics as a result. But, let's also celebrate Apple's legacy of innovation -- and legacy of Jobs ....