Friday, February 24, 2012

Online Vid Expert Jan Ozer's "Buyer's Guide" for Software Encoders

Yesterday, online video expert Jan Ozer published his "Buyer's Guide" for software video encoders, which features Sorenson Media Squeeze desktop and server products, as well as the products of Telestream, Adobe and Apple (and gives a feature-by-feature comparison).

Definitely worthy of a read by all video professionals -- and an objective assessment of how we stack up against the competition. Here is the link to Jan's free and highly informative analysis/report.

Tweeter Csathy -- My Goal to Inform & Amuse

I am an avid blogger and tweeter, as many of you know. Have been for years.

On the blogging front, I am nearing 1,000 posts -- and I am gratified to now have over 400 followers on Twitter. That's a lot of early mornings, as I drink my coffee, scour my "go-to" sites -- and select what I believe to be interesting, amusing, or simply intriguing topics in digital media, technology ... but, yes, also music and everyday life (and the sorry state of my Minnesota Vikings). I also add to sprinkle in a bit of breaking news from my own company, Sorenson Media -- but, I am absolutely committed NOT to make my blog and tweets my company's soapbox. It is intended to be a general purpose source of information -- amusement -- and perhaps a few nice music nuggets/recommendations that you can check out every now and then.

Here are my everyday "go-to" sites -- in the relevant order I generally peruse them:

-- TechCrunch -- still the "bible" in my book, even with recent soap opera
-- Gigaom -- a worthy second on the digital media/tech front
-- Dan Rayburn's Streaming Media blog -- one of the foremost online video experts
-- FierceOnlineVideo -- overall weekly compilation of online video news
-- Mashable -- general "go to" source of tech ... but much more ...
-- Wall Street Journal -- scandal-ridden of late, of course, but still the WSJ
-- Matt Taibbi's Blog (Rolling Stone) -- my favorite muckraker of the day on overall politics, big bank financial machinations and greed -- always entertaining, always controversial, but always insightful -- he wields a sledge-hammer (not a scalpel), but his P.O.V. is one that frequently rings true ... MUST check him out (but be prepared ....)
-- Jon Stewart's Daily Show -- muckraking with a hilarious spin ... always! Yes, it is comedy, but it is significantly more insightful and informative (and entertaining) than any other video "news" -- mandatory viewing ... for me

Throughout the course of the day, I certainly am exposed to several more.

I do my best not to simply repeat news -- even in my tweets, I try to add my own "spin" to the info nugget.