Monday, February 20, 2012

Silicon Valley's Ski Week -- Should Have Been Last Week

Shhh ... do you hear that uncharacteristic silence in the sacred halls and offices of Silicon Valley VCs and tech companies? Today is President's Day -- and that means that today marks the official beginning of Silicon Valley's annual rite of passage for families called "Ski Week." You see, many schools in the Valley (and elsewhere) are off for the entire week for winter break -- and many flock to the slopes. And that means crowds. Huge crowds. And that means long lift lines. Very long lift lines. And that means less skiing. Much less. And that means frustration. Much frustration.

All of this could have been avoided, of course, if families jumped the gun and attacked the slopes last week. Which is what my family and I did ... thanks to our school in North County, San Diego which took last week off. We have school today on President's Day as a result, but that is a small price to pay for having the mountains of Deer Valley virtually all to ourselves. And with fresh powder to (ski) boot!

Smart. Very smart. And, much more family harmony ....

[NOTE TO MY DIGITAL MEDIA/TECH READERS -- I rarely write about personal "stuff"; but, indulge me for this rare time. Having a personal life IS important -- even in the tech world! And, it was priceless seeing my two kids, Hunter & Luca, attack black diamonds and double blues for the first time! Trust me on one more thing -- ski week is a significant gathering of the Silicon Valley/tech "tribe" in all of the various slopes on the West Coast. The tech world will be much quieter this week.]