Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Vacation on Valentine's Day With No Cards in Sight -- egreetings To the Rescue!

So, here I am with my family on a long-overdue ski vacation in Deer Valley, Utah. The conditions are epic -- fresh powder. Everyone healthy. My two little ones, Hunter (12) and Luca (9) are skiing with my wife, Luisa, and me for the first time -- and are all over the mountain (in a good way)!

But, today is Valentine's Day of course -- and there ain't a card store in sight. So, what's a husband and father to do? Well, being in the digital media world, how about good old-fashioned online greeting cards from egreetings! Yes, that egreetings. Not exactly the most emotional or deep alternative, but still at least something.

Here's the crazy part, I haven't sent an egreeting since late 1999, after I left my long-time gig at Universal Studios and began my permanent joining of the land of the Internet/digital media/technology world -- beginning with ... egreetings (yes, that egreetings)! I joined egreetings in late 1999 right before its much anticipated and high profile IPO which, ultimately, fizzled and was one of the first real bellwethers of the coming web 1.0 crash. And, I stayed for a blip after I received my first offer to run (as COO) a real viable and innovative digital media company -- eNow (which later became Relegence and was ultimately acquired by AOL).

Egreetings -- my digital media/technology journey began there. I guess my egreeting card to my wife and kids is meaningful after all ....