Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Fisker Karma - Not Just THE Ultimate Driving Machine -- It Is the Batmobile!

Move over BMW. Move over Porsche. Move over Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini.

Make room for Fisker's "Karma" -- the most incredible hybrid -- scratch that, automobile -- you will see on the road today. And, of course, it is funded by Silicon Valley tech titans, including Kleiner Perkins (private funding of over $500 million), as well as hundreds of millions more in government loans.

I know, I know -- Tesla is the tech/digital media darling car. And, yes, it is cool, very cool.

But, Fisker's Karma is akin to an Apple product -- it is the automobile equivalent to an Apple product -- it is absolutely beautiful, sleek, stunning ... and the overall user experience (i.e., the drive!) is intuitive and incredible.

I now know this because I experienced the Fisker "experience" first-hand. No, it isn't my car. No, I did not test drive it. But, someone I do know has one -- and I experienced it as a passenger -- and I am sold (and I'm not even that much of a car guy).

And, oh yes, once again, it is a hybrid. It is smart. Very smart.

Here's one thing that blew me away -- the Karma's cost. I had thought it would be at least $150K (like all other ridiculously overpriced so-called "ultimate" driving machines). But, no -- substantially less at a bit over $100K. Don't get me wrong, I have no plan to spend that kind of cash to buy a car. Still, that massive sum of money is not that much more massive than a fully loaded BMW 750. And, the Karma blows the 750 away in every single respect.

The Karma, in a word, is the batmobile. That's what it looks like. That's what it drives like. And, that's the impact it has. It is other-worldly compared to all other cars I have seen and touched. Like an Apple product, it represents the seamless embodiment of art and technology.

And, to think, this is just the beginning for Fisker -- this is v1.0.

I am a believer ....