Friday, February 03, 2012

Our New "Fitness/Team-Building" Benefit -- Recommendation to All Entrepreneurs

I just recently wrote about several team members from Sorenson Media's San Diego office participating together in last week's grueling 8.6 mile Spartan Race. It was an incredible experience to behold (I had to sit on the sidelines due to injury, which killed me).

It also was an incredible example of the power of fitness -- and team-building. From the time we announced that we would do this together (which took all of 30 seconds after learning about this race), we talked about the race incessantly -- we also trained incessantly (and talked incessantly about our incessant training). We immediately shared a common fitness goal -- and we commit to doing it together.

That got me thinking. Why not build this type of experience directly and permanently into our company culture by providing a "Fitness/Team-Building" benefit to each member of the team? Why not build a benefit that both promotes (1) a healthy/active lifestyle, and (2) a healthy/active team that works together and builds overall esprit de corps both on and off the Sorenson Media playing field?

So, that's what we did. This past week I announced a new $500 annual "fitness/team-building" benefit for each member of the team. It is a "use it or lose it benefit" -- essentially each team member can sign up for a "qualifying event", and the company will reimburse them up to $500 for the calendar year. A "qualifying event" includes a race (like the Spartan Race), a walk (like a benefit walk for Epilepsy), or even membership to a gym. And, the goal is to sign up together with others in the company -- and "just do it" (the event) together.

I can tell you this -- this new benefit earned unanimous rave reviews from the team. There is deep appreciation. They consider this to be an extremely cool -- and differentiating -- benefit.

And, look at what this simple gesture promotes. Great physical and mental health. Great team-building. This is all good for each person (including myself), and for the company.

I urge each entrepreneur who reads this to do the same. The benefits are myriad -- including increased productivity.

Meet Sorenson Media's Executive "A" Team -- Talented, Dedicated, Passionate

I have how had the pleasure to work at Sorenson Media for 3 full years -- and with an extremely talented, accomplished, passionate and dedicated team throughout this time. These are also just good old "good" people. This is a team that innovates, develops and creates to make the lives better for our customers -- and, in turn, for our customers' customers. It is a team motivated by passion -- both on the job and off (just one recent case in point -- just this past weekend a number of the team participated in the grueling 8.6 mile Spartan Race in San Diego -- where 2 of our guys finished in the top 18 overall out of over 2,000 hard core racers! Andrew Ashbacher #3, Doug Cebik #18).

This includes Sorenson Media's executive team, some of whom have been with the company for over a decade. I can say that -- across the board -- this executive team defines passion. Passionate to out-innovate all others in our space. Passionate to "win."

We have just updated our bios on our website -- so, meet Sorenson Media's executive team by clicking on this link.