Thursday, February 02, 2012

Forget Facebook's IPO, Apple's "AirPlay" Is Cool

Yes, yes, yes -- everyone is talking about Facebook's upcoming $5 billion IPO. (See this "must read" analysis by industry guru Om Malik about what Facebook's IPO means to the rest of the tech community.)

But, you know what's cool? No -- not $8 billion -- that is an absurdly unfathomably big number. Apple's AirPlay feature is cool, way cool. I know AirPlay has been an iOS feature for some time, but for some reason I simply never tried it.

Here's what AirPlay does for those who have an iPhone/iPad and Apple TV in their homes -- it allows you to DIRECTLY stream your videos, pics and more directly to your flat screen TV in your living room. That means, among other things, that you can capture HD videos on your iPhone and then immediately -- and, I mean immediately -- watch them on your large flat screen from your living room couch. No fuss no muss -- no need to connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac first. No need to upload anything. All you do is click from your device and -- voila -- it is right there for your viewing pleasure! Cool. Very cool.

If you have an iOS device -- and an Apple TV in your home -- you gotta check it out. I absolutely believe that easy viewing of your HD captured "home" movies (family, friends) in your living room is a massive consumer use case that still is largely untapped. Add one-click sharing of your mobile HD captured videos directly from your "phone" to your family and friends for their immediate in-living room viewing, and you really got something. Apple still doesn't have that piece of the puzzle.

But, Apple certainly is well on the way to solving it. Listen up CE guys!