Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sorenson Media -- WE ARE SPARTANS!

Today was San Diego's "Spartan Race" -- the grueling 8.6 mile mud run/obstacle course that took place in Temecula. If you never heard of it, and if you are into fitness at all, you should. It is absolutely grueling. And, today was hot, very hot (80+ degrees!) -- the course was steep, very steep (and all-terrain of course), and there were 28 different "obstacles" -- including crawling under barbed wire -- and getting bloody doing it; jumping over walls, crawling under them, hauling heavy weights up hill, and getting pummeled by Spartans at the finish line just when you think you were done!

5 brave Spartans from Sorenson Media were in the very thick of it -- Andrew "the Animal" Ashbacher (who finished 6th out of over 1200 with an incredible time of 1 hour and 47 minutes!); Doug "I'm An Ironman -- I Can Do These in My Sleep" Cebik (who finished 2nd in his age group overall just 9 minutes behind Andrew); Josh "I Mock Pain" Ettwein (who had blood pouring from his eye after being hit with some barbed wire); Bruce "Zeus" Carlson (who through the javelin like a lightning bolt from the gods! Hwas the only 1 of the 5 who made the Javelin stick -- and thereby avoided doing 30 burpees); and Kirk "Killer" Punches (who stared the flu in the face and said, "No Time for You!"). It was an amazing spectacle -- and am very very proud of these guys.

We started with 8 of us (including me) who had signed up about 3 weeks ago and trained hard. By the end of our training, and before race day, sadly, 3 of us (including me) had injured ourselves. But, the others persevered. On a glorious 80+ degree day at Vail Lake outside Temecula, they came, they saw, they conquered.

The pics speak for themselves ....

Sorenson Media -- Spartans all!